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Laura Pannack - Youth without age

Ce qu’elle en dit :

Youth Without Age and Life Without Death “Youth Without Age and Life Without Death” was written by Petre Ispirescu. The overarching argument is a common but affirming one: life outside of linear time, and thus agelessness, is impossible. And if there is to be any remote possibility, it is only a form of momentary independence that is offered before the inevitable occurs – meeting one’s death like any mortal. This project is a response to my need to escape, adventure and roam in reaction to internal pressure I feel that time is moving too fast. It seems like a shared experience that hours, days and weeks pass and we can’t recall them, life continues and time slips away. My adventure began in Romania. The strong sense of timelessness, tradition and untouched scenery mirrored my desire to stop time. I soon stumbled across this folktale which perfectly echoes the many questions that I have. This is a photographic exploration of the people, places and landscapes I encountered in Romania, drawing directly on this famous mythology and a sense of a temporal placeto offer a view on the fragility of life. Alternating between reality and fantasy, the photographs respond to a feeling of separation from the modern world. I have intentionally played with the notion of fiction and the present moment. Like a web of nostalgia and resistance, all the signs of temporality come to bear in objects that are charged with tensions of permanence and impermanence. Time elsewhere is relentless but here something of it is left behind.


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